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The art of film-making is best learnt when film becomes an experience. Memorizing the theoretical concepts is not enough, when it comes to learning film-making. The students at WIFT get a better hands-on experience, in blending professionalism and creativity with the concepts that they learn in classrooms, with the state-of-the-art facilities provided for a better learning experience at the instituition. 


WIFT revolutionized the learning of filmmaking through a new concept ‘Watch Cinema & Learn Cinema’. Being a filmmaking, Animation & VFX students, they should be given more exposure to cinemas, documentaries and other media programmes as part of their studies. WIFT provides to its students, a preview theatre with 2k projection system and 7.2 DTS Surround System, with a seating capacity of nearly 100 students making the film screening sessions livelier. It also gives an opportunity for the students to get their films to be screened, assessed and discussed by tutors on a regular basis.


With more and more digital and new age technologies emerging in the film industry, it is essential that the students get trained in a proper manner to cope up with the changing trends in the industry. WIFT provides to its students a professional Editing Suite that runs high configuration editing programs such as Avid Media Composer and Final Cut Pro with a dedicated non-linear editing system.


WIFT offers a sound suite equipped with the most modern and sophisticated digital sound recording technology, which allows the students to work flexibly without facing any sort of obstacles that stands in the way of the artist's expression of his creativity. The sound suite is equipped with an Acoustic Control Room and Vocal Booth, both, for dubbing and mixing with multi-track consoles. Besides these, a set of professional microphones also provides the students an opportunity to bring out the best sound experience for their works.




In order to create exquisite backgrounds and a wide range of shooting environments, WIFT offers the Chroma Shooting Facility at the campus, which enhances and supports the VFX Projects of the students.



The animation field is in itself an industry that is in growing demand these days in order to produce effects, create visuals that are practically impossible to shoot in real life and also to recreate a realistic environment in cinema. WIFT has established three high-tech state-of-the-arts, fully air-conditioned multimedia labs and Chroma shooting facility

2D Lab

2D Animation lab with light boxes enable the animation students to produce a successive series of drawing that makes an action flow smoothly


WIFT gets four spacious, air-conditioned and well-lit classrooms, for the students to learn. In order to make the teaching procedure more effective, each classroom is equipped with an over-head LCD projection system. Internet connectivity has been provided in each classroom to allow the faculty members to incorporate the latest information while delivering the lectures.


WIFT, being a film institute, has always supported the growth of shutterbugs. The institution offers a wide range of full-HD cameras like Sony, Canon etc. for its students. Besides these, to enhance the quality of the output, a bunch of professional lighting equipments have also been provided.


Books have always been man's best friend and companion for life. The library at WIFT is equipped with a huge collection of books, for both, the students and faculty. The library at the campus is air-conditioned and fully-computerized, thus, giving a perfect and serene environment for an undistracted quest for learning and improving skills for the students. The library consists of a comprehensive and assorted collection of literature, predominantly related to Film-making, Animation, VFX, Graphics and its allied subjects, so as to meet the present and future information needs of its students.

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