Anand Krishnaraj -

" It's been a wonderful year of my life studying at WIFT.I have enrolled for 1 year filmmaking course with totally zero experience in any  of the technical aspect of filmmaking.After a year, i walked out extremely confident and well prepared to make my way in the film industry."

Aneesh V K -

“QUALITY EDUCATION  is the reason why I chose to learn at WIFT. Cinema is a vast field, with several aspects to be learned, before you ENTER  the industry, but there are hardly any good institutions that offer an academic level of training in the area. But with WIFT, everything felt just right. The courses are organized and the students get a good level of practical training that goes along with the theoretical aspects. I'm glad that I chose to learn the art of film-making at WIFT.”

Ruzai Han -

"The experience gained from WIFT campus has helped me in achieving my aspirations"

Mohammad Al Tamimi -

“The rigorous practical training backed by academic knowledge has given me the confidence to pursue a career of my choice in the media industry of any country. This, for me, is the biggest strength I achieved from WIFT.”

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