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With an aim to inspire another generation of young film-makers with a never-ending passion for good cinema and also, to create many good movies, Westford Institute of Film Technology (WIFT), the film institute with a difference, was started under the support and guidance of the Westford Academy and Training Pvt. Ltd. Functioning as an excellent education system with state-of-the-art training facilities, it didn't take too long for WIFT to be a major tycoon in the list of film institutes. The basic tenet of the institution is to promote in the students a desire to Watch Cinema and Learn Cinema. Moreover, the institute focuses more on  practical sessions blended with a necessary amount of theory, to make the process of learning cinema complete. To make the students involved with every aspect of cinema by blending professionalism and creativity, WIFT provides a Shooting Floor, Acting Studio, Preview Theatre with 7.2 Surround Sound System, Professional Editing Suite, Professional Dubbing and Sound Mixing Studio and a fully equipped Animation & VFX Lab. The film-making courses offered at WIFT are exclusive to the area of cinema study, without implementing unnecessary subjects into the curriculum.Under the guidance of Bharathiar University, the courses comes with a certification of EduQual, an awarding body from UK. Besides all these, WIFT is the authorized centre of ZEE Network in Kerala, which offers Animation courses.


"I myself have learnt film as an academic course."

Cinema is an art that comes as a gift from God for quite a few people. But for an artist to be successful, it is necessary for him to polish this talent and makes good use of it.
In the same way, not all fresh and vibrant film-makers may have the talent to be perfect for the industry and all set to make a good and successful film. In the good old times of the history of cinema, successful film-makers were created after toiling for years and years over, serving as assistants to senior film-makers, watching what they do, and learning in the process. And the number of film-makers who ended up being successful in the professional line was limited to few numbers. But today, times have changed. With a growing passion for photography and cinematography amongst youngsters, the numbers of aspiring film-makers are on the rise. So in order to survive in this highly competitive industry, it is essential that they have a sound knowledge of the theories based on which cinema is made. On a personal note, I myself have learnt film-making course in an academic level, which has made it easier for me to establish myself in the industry in a short duration. In this industry, to facilitate effective communication of concepts and ideas among professionals, one must be a jack of all trades. They should be aware of all the technical aspects of cinema, in order to convey the idea properly and get a good output from their effort. For this purpose, it is necessary that cinema be included as an academic course in universities. Learning cinema as a course helps you to learn every aspect of cinema with theories to back up your practical knowledge, which is very much beneficial.
WIFT, the film institute with a difference, guarantees to offer the best learning experience for the film-makers of tomorrow. The institution offers the best facilities for learning film-making, thus giving out the best opportunity to make your passion your profession.


"Cinema is like any other profession."

To be successful in their trade is a dream shared by many. In any profession, "the survival of the fittest" theory by Charles Darwin is applicable. The same theory is applicable in the film industry as well, with many film-makers taking up cinema as their profession.

In short, the film field turns into an "industry" in the very sense of the word. Why would anyone need an academic background in cinema to be successful in the industry is a question that anyone could possibly ask. Not all successful film-makers have attended a film school. But in a world where anything you do is treated as business, bringing cinema into academics is something that should be considered. Cinema is like any other profession. Basically, cinema is growing as a business sector wherein you make use of time, your creativity, churn out a product and sell it to the masses, and mint money. With the number of talented film-makers growing on the rise, this industry is getting more competitive day-by-day. In other words, the film industry is going through a boom in its growth phase. Unlike popular courses like B.Tech., M.B.B.S, M.B.A and M.C.A, which have institutions to train the students in every nook and corner of the country, considering a course like Film-Making is less known to the masses and also, the number of authorized universities with certified courses in this field is limited. Cinema should be considered as a PG course that can be studied after taking up any degree course, provided you have a passion for the same. Moreover, to be successful in the industry, it is essential that you have a good support of the theoretical aspects of cinema, besides being efficient at the practical level. An academic course in cinema makes you all the more perfect for the industry, and guarantees you that if you combine your creativity with a good amount of hard work, you are bound to be a successful film-maker. At WIFT, which is definitely an institution different from the rest, you would get all that you need.

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